Yvonne Lindqvist
Yvonne Lindqvist

På detta seminarium vill jag testa några tankar inför ett föredrag som jag ska hålla på en konferens i Wien i maj: Staging the Literary Translator. Detta är mitt abstract. Liksom min PowerPoint är det på engelska, men på TÖI 3/5 pratar jag svenska. Ser fram mot era synpunkter!

Within a Bourdieusian framework I will in this paper, based on an investigation of translation prizes, awards and appointments within the Swedish literary translation field, examine the consecration processes of a population of 15 translators translating Spanish Caribbean literature into Swedish during the period of 1990–2015. The aim of the study is to determine the amount of individual translation capital (cf. Lindqvist 2006) accumulated by these translators in order to find out if they can be described as “star translators” (cf. Sela-Sheffy 2016). Translation capital is the symbolic capital of the literary translation field in question.

The paper will reconstruct the personal translation “trajectoires” (cf. Bourdieu 1993:276) of the studied translators by applying a general scale of consecration consisting of four phases: the investment phase, the initiation phase, the recognition phase and the confirmation phase (Lindqvist 2006). The consecration scale is based on the reconversion of accumulated translation capital into economic capital, i.e. on the economic importance of available prizes, awards or appointments on the Swedish translation field during the period. The reconversion of translation capital into economic capital captures the complex reality of relations of prestige and economic success in this institutionalized context. The primary function of prizes, awards and appointments can be seen to serve – that of facilitating cultural “market transactions”, enabling the various individual and institutional agents of culture, with their different assets and interests and dispositions, to engage one another in a collective project of value production (English 2005: 26).

Keywords: Translation Capital, Consecration, Star Translator

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