The Galician audiovisual system is highly dependent on dubbing, due to the dubbing practice being inherited from the Spanish cinema and media tradition. Subtitled cinema in Galician is still a rare practice as the subtitling that can be found is subtitling in Spanish, the language in which cinema is mainly screened in the nation.

According to the data from the Galician Institute of Statistics from 2013, based on a population of about 2,800,000 inhabitants, 31% of the Galician population always use Galician, while 20% use more Galician than Spanish, 22% use more Spanish than Galician and a remaining 26% never speak or write in Galician. As a minority language, Galician is protected by linguistic policies in which subtitling is mentioned but not fully developed as a normalized practice. The virtual absence of theatres that screen films in the original version with subtitles in the nation causes other strategies to come into play.

I have analysed the few policies and institutional initiatives devoted to the promotion of subtitling in Galician and the fan and collaborative subtitling practices that try to fill the void of cinema and television in the original version. For this purpose, I have collected the legal and institutional framework for the conservation and promotion of Galician language and held semi-structured interviews with professionals and amateurs who create and share subtitles on the Internet.

At the moment only a small cinema and distribution company, Numax, subtitles a few films in Galician with funding from the regional government. But in the fansubbing sphere, there are around 400 Galician subtitles of classical and independent films, mostly uploaded on subtitle websites by film clubs. My proposal for the improvement of this situation is to create a public online archive of subtitles created with quality standards and the collaboration of Spanish distribution companies to include Galician subtitles in their DCPs and DVD editions. This research is part of the project Intangible Cultural Heritage: For a European Programme for Subtitling in Non-Hegemonic Languages (Reference CSO2016-76014-R).