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Kontakta Cecilia Alvstad för länk.


This talk develops from a brief overview of local 1970s/80s Anglo-Canadian feminist activism in translation and translation studies to summarize the ideas and impact of the feminist turn in translation at that time.  It will then engage with the insistent focus on genders that developed in the 1990s and its effect on feminist work in translation, to finally move to the last ten years to address questions of feminist/gender-aware work in and on translation in a globalized, ‘transnational’ environment. 

In this third segment, I will refer largely to the work involved in producing and editing the Routledge Handbook on Translation, Feminism, and Gender (2020) that I co-edited with Hala Kamal at Cairo University, a project that moved away from the Anglo-American Eurozone in many ways but never completely. In fact, it brought the many layers and aspects of the term ‘transnational’ into clear focus, and this is what I propose to explore in regard to feminist and gender-aware translation studies in this last part of my talk.