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Seminariet hålls på engelska. / The seminar will be in English.


Subtitles offer fertile ground for censorship, although subtitling has often been seen as an intrinsically less censoring mode of AVT than dubbing. This talk will briefly review previous research on censorship in subtitling before going on to look at historical examples of subtitling censorship in the UK, the USA and elsewhere. Drawing on original and rereleased versions, the talk will show how subtitles offered a space for negotiation to filmmakers, distributors and subtitlers where subtitles were sometimes censored as a trade-off for being able to retain the moving footage on which the subtitles were superimposed. The talk will consider, among others, the work of subtitlers such as Mai Harris, Charles Clement and Herman Weinberg. The talk will finish with some observations about censorship and subtitling in the English-speaking world today.


Carol O'Sullivan is Associate Professor in Translation Studies at the University of Bristol, where she is programme director of the MA in Chinese-English Audiovisual Translation. Her research interests include audiovisual translation, translation history, literary translation and public representations and perceptions of translation. Her publications include Translating Popular Film (2011) and (co-edited with Jean-François Cornu) The Translation of Films 19001950 (2019). She is currently working on a book-length study of subtitling in the English-speaking world.