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M4A8 17-19 June 2019 Stockholm Sweden

    8th Media for All International Conference

    The Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies at the Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism at Stockholm University is proud to announce the 8th Media for All conference – Complex Understandings on June 17–19, 2019.

    The conference will be held at the main campus of Stockholm University in the urban national park at Frescati. We are very happy to see the conference coming to Scandinavia in 2019, and we aim to attract academics, researchers, language practitioners, translators, interpreters, broadcasters, government agencies, support groups and the audiovisual translation (AVT) and media accessibility (MA) industry, not only from Europe, but indeed from all over the world.


    Complex Understandings

    The world is becoming ever more complex and the world of audiovisual translation and media accessibility no less so. With ever more ways and ever more environments (cinema, TV, video games, computers, smart phones and glasses, social media etc.) in which to take part of (and in) audiovisual material, the complexities for AVT and MA are increasing.

    Not only that, but more diverse groups of inhabitants of our audiovisual world (such as the visually, aurally or cognitively impaired, language learners, the elderly etc.) are demanding and getting their just rights as audiovisual citizens.

    The media itself is also getting more complex, with more forms interacting (e.g. YouTube clips on facebook, surtitling in smart phones or glasses, cinema releases reappearing on streaming sites, interactive displays at museums etc.). Media has also become democratized, with more prosumer creating, and translating, their own content.

    Furthermore, AVT and MA research is becoming ever more complex, as we search for understanding, not only by descriptive, text-centred studies, but also through experimental, viewer-centred studies using ever more complex methods (such as eyetracking, EEG, skin conductivity and fMRI scans). Understanding audiovisual content and impact has never been more important in this increasingly polarized world.

    The aim of the conference

    This conference is about creating and mediating understanding in an increasingly complex mediascape. Understanding not only of audiovisual content, but also understanding of and between producers, consumers and prosumers, understanding for the technical and cognitive processes involved, understanding for consumers’ needs and desires, and understanding of and for working conditions, among many other perspectives. So, let’s get together to understand all these complexities!

    Media for All 8

    Konferensen Media for All 8:s betydelse för dagens medielandskap. Rektor vloggar

    Stockholms universitets rektor Astrid Söderbergh Widding invigde den internationella konferensen Media for All 8 i juni 2019, som samlade 400 deltagare från 47 länder: civilsamhälle, näringsliv och akademi. Här berättar hon om varför konferensen och dess innehåll har stor betydelse för dagens medielandskap. Värd för konferensen var Tolk- och översättarinstitutet vid Institutionen för svenska och flerspråkighet.


    Ett inkluderande mediesamhälle?

    Allt fler grupper i samhället ställer allt hårdare krav på att kunna få tillgång till media. Den 17–19 juni hålls konferensen ”Media for All” för första gången i Skandinavien. Konferensen handlar om medieöversättning och medietillgänglighet, på plats finns forskare från hela världen liksom representanter för medieindustrin som Netflix, ZDF, YLE, DR, NRK och SVT.

    Logo Media for All 8

    Media for All 8

    Conference date: June 17–19, 2019

    The conference will be held at the main campus of Stockholm University, in the urban national park at Frescati.

    Media for All 8


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