Monday 17 June


Subtitling in Immersive Environments

Workshop organizers: Chris Huges, Anna Matamala and Mario Montagud
Room: Studio 1 (E299)

Audio Description: The Visual Made Verbal - a workshop

Workshop organizer: Joel Snyder
Room: Studio 2 (E289)

Designing Multisensory Guided Tours for Art Museums

Workshop organizers: María Olalla Luque and Silvia Soler
Room: Språkparken (E231)

Eye Tracking Analyses Pipeline for Research on Text and Visualization

Workshop organizer: Krzysztof Krejtz
Room: Seminar room (E237)


Audio Description in Immersive Environments

Workshop organizers: Pilar Orero, John PatonSonali Rai and Enric Torres i Feixas
Room: Studio 1 (E299)

Quantitative Research using R: Survey Design, Factor Analysis, and Applied Statistical Analysis

Workshop organizers: Thomas Hanson and Christopher Mellinger
Room: Studio 2 (E289)

Accessible Filmmaking in Practice: Translation and Accessibility in Collaboration with Filmmakers

Workshop organizers: Pablo Romero Fresco
Room: Språkparken (E231)

A professional organisation: what's in it for me? How to start an AV translators' association in your country and then create a set of quality standards - a workshop aimed at practitioners and students

Workshop organizers: Mirka Brezovska, Amalie Foss, Estelle Renard, Henrik Walther-Johnsen and Petra Matić
Room: Seminar room (E237)