I have started my doctoral research in January 2016 at the University of Manchester before transferring to the University of Liverpool, where my primary supervisor is now based. Prior to this, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature from Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia and a Master of Arts in English/Arabic Translation and Interpreting from Durham University, the UK. I’m also a lecturer at the College of Science and Humanities in Shaqra University (Saudi Arabia), teaching a variety of linguistics-based modules to undergraduates that include English/Arabic translation courses. My PhD project is funded by both Shaqra University and the Saudi Cultural Bureau in London. My research interests revolve around the sociology of translation, agency of translators and web-based news translation. Here is a link to my university page: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/modern-languages-and-cultures/research/phd-research/eitharalsallum/


News Subtitling as a Site of Social Practice: A Bourdieusian Account