Jan-Louis Kruger
Jan-Louis Kruger

His main research interests include studies on the processing of language in multimodal contexts in which his group investigates the cognitive processing of language in the context of multimodal texts where viewers have to engage with a number of (often redundant or competing) sources of information, using eye tracking, electroencephalography and psychometric instruments. He is on the editorial board of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation (JAT).

His current research projects investigate cognitive load in the context of educational subtitling with a view to optimising subtitles as language support in second language environments, as well as the processing of subtitles as dynamic text.

He is author of a number of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters ranging from audio description to cognitive translation studies to the translation of narrative fiction. He is also a founding member of the Asia-Pacific Translation and Cognition Research Group or APTRAC.


Towards an understanding of AVT as multimodal mediation


The influence of multiple redundancies on subtitle reading: Evidence from eye movements