1. Mediating understanding on screen: subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, interpreting, narration, opera and theatre surtitling, localisation;
  2. Media access: subtitling for the deaf and the hard-of-hearing, live subtitling, respeaking, audio description, audio subtitling, sign language interpreting, speech to text interpreting;
  3. Fan translation: fansubbing, fandubbing, scanlation etc.
  4. Research methodology and interdisciplinary approaches;
  5. Innovation and new technologies: formats, platforms; AVT and social media;
  6. AVT in the global market: production and distribution, new trends, tools, needs, project management;
  7. Professional practice and ethics: labour market, working conditions, standardisation and harmonisation, productivity, costs, professional organisations, intellectual property rights, crowdsourcing;
  8. Quality standards and quality assurance;
  9. Reception research and audience needs, broadcasting for minority audiences;
  10. Censorship, manipulation and history of AVT;
  11. AVT training: curricula, new needs, standards, didactics and skills.