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Student counsellor

Lina Lehn

Lina Lehn. Foto: Pia Nordin


Changed phone hours w. 24 from Thursday to Wednesday 13 June at 10–11 hrs.

Sommartider Lina Lehn 2018 (75 Kb)

Phone: +46 8 16 29 49
Phone hours: Thursday 10–11

Room: D 524
Visiting hours: Tuesday 15–17 and by agreement.

Student office

Monique Zwanenburg Widingsjö

Monique Zwanenburg Widingsjö. Foto: Pia Nordin


Summertime 4 June–26 August

Sommartider Monique Zwanenburg Widingsjö 2018 (41 Kb)

Regular hours

Tel: +46 8 16 11 05
Phone hours: Tuesday 10–11

Room: D 522
Visiting hours: Tuesday 13–14