Public service interpreter

    Stockholm University offers higher education programmes for interpreters in certain languages. All teaching is conducted in Swedish.

    Conference interpreter

    Conference interpreter training is offered at Stockholm University at master's level. All teaching is conducted in Swedish.

    Sign language interpreter

    Stockholm University offers a Bachelor's programme in sign language and interpreting. All teaching is conducted in Swedish and Swedish sign language.


    All teaching is conducted in Swedish, which means that you need documented knowledge in Swedish and English as well as a third language.

    Cathrine Ottosson

    Student counsellor

    Cathrine Ottosson


    Phone: +46 8 16 29 49
    Phone hours: Thursday 10–11

    Room: D 524
    Visiting hours: Tuesday 16–17 and by agreement.

    Student counsellor TÖI

    Monique Zwanenburg Widingsjö. Foto: Pia Nordin

    Student office

    Monique Zwanenburg Widingsjö


    Tel: +46 8 16 11 05
    Phone hours: Tuesday 10–11

    Room: D 522
    Visiting hours: Tuesday 13–14

    Student office

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    Student council SISOFS

    Logga Sisofs

    Student council at The Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism (including the Centre for Research on Bilingualism and The Institute for Interpretation and Translation Studies).

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