Håll avstånd 2 meter. Keep your distance 6 feet







Current information can be found on the main website of the university: su.se/coronavirus (opens in a new window).

Teaching and examination at the department

Spring of 2022

Please see the preamble above, and respective course schedule and the course platform Athena.

Courses and programmes


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Please note that

  • the schedule is preliminary and can be changed until the start of the course
  • the second half of the semester will be further specified in the schedule
  • our plans are changed in accordance with the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations and prevailing circumstances.

You will find the schedule for each course page at:

On keeping physical distance

The university has worked on making it possible for students and staff.to maintain physical distance Among other things, not too many people should be in the lecture halls at the same time.

Södra huset at Frescati, where Svefler teaches, has had its classrooms, as well as its corridors refurnished and it has clearly signposted walkways so that everyone can keep their distance. It is very important that everyone respects these signs.

The Svefler Department is locked for the time being. Contact with teachers and student offices should primarily take place digitally.

We have severely limited the number of seats in our own classrooms and will take action if there are too many people at the same time in the corridors.

Contact with Study counsellors and Course administrators

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Opening hours

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Please also see the main university website: su.se/coronavirus (opens in a new window).

Is there hand disinfectant in all halls?

The university ensures the possibility to maintain good hand hygiene with soap and water, according to the recommendations of the Swedish Public Health Agency. There are lavatories in close proximity to all classrooms. They will be cleaned often.

What should I do if the lavatories do not look clean?

Use another lavatory and tell your teacher, who will report it.

Are safety masks available at the Uni?

No, so far there are no recommendations to wear safety masks from the Swedish Public Health Agency. You can use one if you need to.

Will there be as many students as usual in Södra huset?

There are just a few departments that will have activities on campus in the beginning of the autumn term. Therefore there will be significantly fewer people than usual who have lectures in Södra huset.

I belong to an at-risk group and cannot come to the university, but I have a scheduled lecture on campus. What should I do?

Contact your student office if your course has campus teaching and you belong to an at-risk group.

Is the University Library open?

Please see their website for up to date information.
Stockholm University Library (opens in a new window).

Can I buy something to eat on campus?

Yes, but choices and opening hours are limited:
Lunch restaurants and cafés (opens in a new window).