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Research Interests:

  • Descriptive Translation Studies; Polysystem Theory, Norms of Translation
  • The Social Practices of Translation; The Position of the Translator in Society, The Habitus of the Translator, Translation Practices within Different Literary Fields, The Centers and Peripheries of the Global Translation Field
  • Critical Discourse Analysis
  • Systemic Functional Grammar/Linguistics
  • Multimodal Translation Analysis

Her thesis Translation as a Social Practice –Toni Morrison and The Harlequin Series Desire in Swedish (2002) dealt with translation strategies within the high and low prestige literary field, comparing and contextualizing 3 translations of The Nobel Prize Laureate Toni Morrison and 3 Harlequin romances published in Sweden during the 1990s. It also contains a substantial analysis of the Swedish cultural and literary field, aiming to pin down the habitus of the studied translators. She held a post.doc. postion at the Örebro University 2008–2012.

Yvonne Lindqvist currently and since 2004 holds a tenured position as Senior Lecturer at IITS. She is the Vice President of the Institute and the head of the Masterprogram in Translation Studies. Lindqvist’s later research focuses on multimodal translation analysis with culinary literature as textual material and systemic functional grammar as theoretical framework. Her most recent research project – The meeting of literary peripheries on the global translation field – concerns bibliomigration patterns of Caribbean French, Spanish and English literature to Sweden and Scandinavia.

The research of Yvonne Lindqvist is trouly interdisciplinary combining methods from linguistics, literary studies and cultural sociology. She is interested in Critical Discourse Analysis and World Literature within the framework of which she studies translation as a social practice. She is the supervisor of two PHD students working mainly within the field of translation sociology.